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sound design


Grace, or the Art of Climbing

EMM is depressed. In an effort to snap out of it, she tries rock climbing to get her body to move. After a few sessions with her dad, she tries not to fall from their home climbing wall he built for her when she was young.

EMM decides she wants to be a rock climber, but she needs a trainer. After learning everything she can from her dad, she finds herself in a gym with an amazing climbing wall. The life of the gym emerges around her.

After a few days training at the gym, EMM realizes she's not as advanced as she thought. In fact, the overactive kids who she trains with, show her how to push it to the limit.

EMM's father, who suffered a stroke, is slowly deteriorating and EMM hasn't gone to visit him since it happened. She feels guilty, and frequently has visions of him appearing whenever she feels like things are moving forward.

EMM takes makes her first dyno jump! While she floats, time stops for a second as she remembers how she got here.


Polaroid Stories

As the play begins, we hear PHILOMEL singing a "familiar and haunting" song. The sound of the streets grow around her voice, until the song is lost and the streets take control.


The Burial at Thebes

After the first silent night since before the war, dawn is breaking, but nothing is back to normal. Thebes is in a state of mourning and birds circle the city looking to scavenge any missed leftovers.

Polynices’ corpse, denied burial after the war, is awaiting public dismemberment as punishment for fighting for the opposing side. GUARD returns from the location to inform CREON, the new king, that the body has disappeared. Scared for his life, he describes the circumstances of the day and the unbearable "fireball of a sun" distracting his fellow men who were supposed to be guarding the body.

TIRESIAS, a blind prophet, arrives at Thebes to warn CREON that the gods are angry with him. He says their wrath and fury will come to the nation through a contagious disease brought about from the birds and dogs who have picked off from Polynices' body. Thebes will be known for endless screaming and crying.


The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow

JENNIFER MARCUS is an adopted Asian-American genius suffering from OCD and agoraphobia. In an effort to meet her biological mother, she builds a robot to travel across the world. She types at breathtaking speed as she adds some final touches to THE ROBOT.

It's a perfect day to go outside. Too bad JENNIFER can't do it. Even so, there is still "potential for joy."

JENNIFER spends time with her father, MR.MARCUS, watching a meteor shower. 

JENNIFER finally gets THE ROBOT to speak. As THE ROBOT repeats the words JENNIFER types on her computer, we learn that THE ROBOT may have a mind of its own.

A rendition of the previous underscoring as introduction to the second act.

JENNIFER celebrates getting THE ROBOT to walk, and hopefully... FLY!

After an argument with her disapproving mother, MR. MARCUS comes to her room to console her.


Prism in collaboration with Prism Co.

THE CREATURES have learned how to crawl, walk, and now dance. In this excerpt, they have a small dance battle after one creature trips over another's newly discovered legs.

Now that THE CREATURES have learned to use their bodies and know what color is, they discover what seem to be tools... or weapons? Unfortunately, things turn violent very fast.