Just some knowledge.
The Dominican Republic is hoarding our Haitian order,
Deporting them pass the border,
Distorted all second quarter.
One thousand people die living under drones
Like, Terminator mode.
Africans still getting stoned by people in their own home
For who they love.
That's straight BOKO.
Slavery still alive in jail. 
Weinstein free.
Judge me but fail to see past the mistakes, the deeds done,
"You will not succeed."
Congrats to the system. You won.



These words come beatless.
Because my manhood feeling meatless.
I can't let my balls hang,
There's no food on my plate.
We know music made to celebrate.
This ain't a celebration.
This ain't about chains, or gold or hoes or blow,
It's about military states.
It's about cops poppin' niggas more than niggas;
Police choking, hoping honors instead of Ronin.
Don't let them catch you running!
Face a team full of gunmen?
Dressed in red, white, blue.
They wish you would!

These words come beatless.
Because not even my church safe.
We see flags of the past still hang
Reminding he, she and we why Future so late.
While all hiding in the basement trying to survive the war
That we hear upstairs, matter fact, everywhere,
And we hope that somebody care.
Nobody scared.
Media keeps it minimal
Know the message even if it's subliminal.
Nobody scared.
Facebook ain't enough.
Twitter aint enough.
CNN can't get it right.
No talkback, no rights, no witnesses.


Love Day left alone

I chose this path to keep you dear to me.
Now I see that you're broken on the ground.
The heart grows cold, but slowly, like a tree;
When it must fall, makes desolate sound.
I did believe that I had found the truth.
However, it filled my eyes with deceit, 
Taking control of day, taunting my youth,
Stealing the flight from right beneath my feet.
Still, violent storms continue to consume
The small and lonely bits of Future's star.
The pause is passed and confirmed to resume.
See that Hope never did run too far.
     Crying on a seed surely makes it bloom,
    Bleeding on that seed, gives the plant no room.


Fear, Wisdom and the WOrld 

I know you feel you seen a lot of things.
The type of things that sting
In your spinal bone.
It never leaves
And you always feel alone at home;
Shivering, cold, 
Even though the heat on.
Blowing fast,
Like how life moves.
Like when you realize you was just dreaming
And the sweat cools.
All the chaos but you never felt so calm.
Who’s out to get you? 
That’s just Karma.
We all gotta be scared of something someday.
Nobody knows what you chase or
Running from.
But you know what the demons done with that deed, 
That seed
That you habitually sow,
Instead of moving on and on and on and on and on and on and on…on…
You holding on and on and on and on and on...on
Look at what’s changing around you.
Look at what’s not.